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We are so thankful for the men of God across our country who are taking a stand! Every person needs a pastor. Every community needs a pastor. Every nation needs pastors.

In this day of compromise, confusion and apathy, more than ever we need dedicated men on God who understand the times and are willing to step up to meet the challenges. My wife and I have been encouraged to see the hearts of men who truly care about the direction and well-being of our country.

Prophets in Old Testament days certainly played a role in the direction of their countries. The Whitefields, Wesleys, and a whole host of Baptist preachers shaped the direction of a young United States. Many believe this country would not exist, and certainly wouldn't have become a champion of religious freedom, had it not been for brave preachers who were willing to suffer persecution and even death for raising their voices like a trumpet and proclaiming the truth.

God blessed this country like no other as a result. God can still bless today. The question is, will there be a host of preachers who will dare to stand, preach the truth, and face the enemies of freedom in this generation? We hope and pray that the answer is YES!

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