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If you want to win hearts, increase attendance, and have an all-around guaranteed successful event, include a kid's choir! I am always amazed at the influence of children. After planning many cantatas, plays, special services and rallies, I have come to a conclusion. If you want to insure that guests will attend and enjoy the event - involve children in the program!

I suppose the reasons are pretty obvious but I think it's good to remind ourselves occassionally.

1) Kids are a big help to our events because they are cute! Let's face it... they don't even have to try to be. Every eye will be upon them to see what unbelievably adorable thing they will do next.

2) Kids don't have to be perfect to be appreciated. A well rehearsed children's choir is always very impressive, but the pressure for a perfect performance is just not there because - they're kids!

3) Children will always add an element of unpredictability. This takes the pressure off all of those perfectionists who are counting on the performance being flawless. With kids you expect the unexpected, and that's ok.

4) Another benefit of involving children in a program is because you will automatically attract aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and neighbors who wouldn't have come for any other reason.

I believe it is a win-win situation. The children are able to participate, your event will be enhanced, additional guests will be drawn to the event and the memories of what those kids did will be unforgettable!

So plan well ahead, involve children, practice often with them, encourage them to sing loudly and talk confidently. Then sit back and observe the difference in your event because of that precious, God-given asset - children!

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