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Shouldn't every Christian pray "Lord, would you want me to run for office?" We have been blessed with a representative government. A government "of the people, for the people, by the people". Shouldn't "we the people" be considering our potential part in serving our fellow-citizens.

My friend, Shawn Sisco, answered the call to run for State Representative in a special election and won! He worked hard by preparing himself. A man needs to maintain his walk with God if he is going to venture into the arena of public service. However, Shawn also spent much time reading about various topics and strove hard to prepare himself mentally. There are many leadership training courses available to help would-be candidates, and Shawn participated in several of these.

Overall, it was a learning experience for him, and it allowed him to participate in the political system of the greatest nation on earth.

Every Christian should ask the Lord, "Would you want me to participate in serving this nation?" If you look at cities, counties, states and the federal government, there are over 511,000 elected offices in this land. Someone is sitting in every one of those chairs. Each of those elected officials has a worldview that does or does not include God. If God's people will not even consider running for office, then who does that leave to sit in those chairs? Shouldn't we at least pray about this serious matter?

If you would like information geared to helping newcomers down the path to elected office, I would recommend contacting Issachar Training. They are committed to helping conservative candidates prepare themselves to run for office.

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