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God used the presentation to inform, inspire, and edify Christians to be proactive as salt and light as citizens of the United States of America.

- John Wilkerson

1st Baptist Church, Hammond, IN

These patriot days that Darren Myers produces are first class, home spun, and enjoyed by all!  I highly recommend him and this program to you.

- Chuck Harding

Mission To America, Clinton, MD



"Today and tonight at North Love Baptist Church we have had the privilege of hearing Evangelist Darren Myers present a multimedia patriotic presentation. Every IFB church ought to present his ministry on our country and the Constitution and the spiritual war that is going on for our nation!" 

Pastor Paul Kingsbury, North Love Baptist Church, Rockford, IL

“Freedom Focus ministered to our church family by reminding us of our spiritual heritage, informing us of the current battle we face as a nation, and exhorting us to stay in the fight.  They ministered very effectively with their music, presentations, and preaching.  The resources they have available are also very helpful.  We appreciate the heart they have to help the local church.”

Pastor Aaron Denson, Arden Road Baptist Church, Amarillo, TX

"We can't say enough about the impact Freedom Focus ministries had on our church.  Darren Myers came well prepared and captivated the congregation with the message of the Founding Fathers, the constitution and God's plan for the nations.   This ministry is totally Bible based and is a must for any church that is concerned about the direction of this country.   The people of Burgess Road Baptist immediately wanted me to have Freedom Focus come to us again.  We have already scheduled them for a return visit."

Pastor Mark Cooley, Burgess Road Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL


“I have known Bro. Darren Myers for more than 25 years.  He worked with me for over 12 years, and I know that he will do a great job in this needed ministry.  Bro. Darren is a godly Christian, an excellent preacher, and a good man.  He and his family will be a help to you and your ministry.”

Pastor Hal Hightower, Rochester Hills Baptist Church, Rochester Hills, MI


“It is with great honor that I recommend to you the Freedom Focus Ministry.  We have had the joy of having the Myers family present Freedom Focus to the First Baptist Church congregation.  God used the presentation to inform, inspire, and edify Christians to be proactive as salt and light as citizens of the United States of America.  The biblical, creative, and musical program provided a patriotic challenge to every attendee.  Bro. Myers has pastored a great church and has a pastor’s heart for people.  He and his family are models of humble Christianity.  If you would consider having Freedom Focus for a service, it will be without regret.”

Pastor John Wilkerson, First Baptist Church, Hammond, IN


"Freedom Focus Ministry was enlightening and inspiring for our church family.  God challenged us in so many ways with the information and Scripture that was shared.  The media presentations were informative and inspiring.  It is our prayer here at East Side Baptist that God will open many doors for the ministry of Freedom Focus all across America."

Pastor Finley Cutshaw, East Side Baptist Church, Memphis, TN


“The Patriotic rallies sponsored by Bro. Myers have been highly inspirational and effective. I’m glad to hear of this new ministry and the increased focus these rallies will place on the need to sustain liberty in America.”

Pastor C. R. Curtman, Former Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church, Wildwood, MO






“I have spoken at several of the patriot days that Bro. Darren Myers has organized. The events have been very well attended with several thousand people from the community responding. The singing, audio visual displays, special speakers, and finalizing with fireworks takes one back to the America of yesteryear. The community comes together for a great evening of God and country thematic displays. It is a wonderful opportunity to honor our veterans (who get in free), present the gospel, as well as teach some of our forgotten history. These patriot days that Darren Myers produces are first class, home spun, and enjoyed by all! Bro. Darren Myers is a gracious, talented, intelligent man who pastored a very strong and vibrant independent Baptist Church, I highly recommend him and this program to you.”

Evangelist Chuck Harding, Mission To America, Clinton, MD


“I think this program is important in that it gives the correct historical facts and perspective, truly a patriotic event, and ties our country’s founding and greatness to an unwavering faith and belief in God. Ronald Reagan once said if we cease being one nation under God, we will be a nation gone under.”

Dan Brown, Former Missouri State Senator


“I have participated in numerous events across the nation as a keynote speaker. I was honored to speak at the Patriot Day Rally in 2013. This was one of the best events I have been involved in. I feel honored and proud to have participated in an event that stressed the importance of faith, family, freedom, and patriotism. I am pleased to endorse Darren in his effort to share these values and take this event across the nation.”

COL Jim Coy (Ret), 3rd Special Forces Group (A) Persian Gulf War


“The Patriot Day Rally is an absolutely inspiring event. A mix of old-time Americana with the hope of a promising future, the music, speakers and vendors stir enthusiasm in every heart. Darren Myers and the rally team highlight the best and greatest in America! I am always honored and thrilled to be a part of the Patriot Day Rally!”

Bill Federer, Author & Speaker, Host of “The American Minute”


“My attendance at the Patriot Day Rally in Rolla, MO, was one of the most patriotic functions I have had the privilege to attend. To have one of these Rallys in a community would be outstanding in demonstrating to their youth what a great America they live in and the sacrifices so many made to make our freedom possible.”

Woody Williams, Semper Fi and GBU, Medal of Honor Recipient, Iwo Jima

“We have participated in the Patriot Day Rally in Rolla, MO. It was fun, educational and inspiring. America needs more events like this! Bro. Myers and the Landmark Baptist Church pulled off a well-organized evening that celebrated what makes this nation great!”

Jim Bob Duggar, Father of 19 Kids & Counting


“I serve as the Public Information and Education Officer for Troop I, of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, which is headquartered in Rolla. I have had the pleasure and honor to attend the annual Patriot’s Day Celebrations. The organizers of this event have always included public service employees, such as law enforcement and firefighters, to be a part of this celebration of America’s Heritage. In addition to being able to visit with the public, it has also afforded me the opportunity to use the Highway Patrol’s “Seat Belt Convincer” display to help teach the importance of always being buckled-up when in a vehicle.

Over the years I have noticed a strong growth in the attendance, which is an obvious testament of its popularity and an indicator of the value our citizens place on the messages that are presented. Events such as this serve to both educate the public and help bring our community together. ”

Sergeant Dan Crain, Missouri State Highway Patrol


“The Annual Patriot Day Rally is one of the finest events ever to come to our community. It is an opportunity to put politics aside and come together as Americans, celebrating our heritage and patriotism. The music, speakers, food, exhibits, and entertainment for the children are always of the highest quality. We look forward to it each year.”

Vicki A. Brady, Columnist/Owner, The Kaleidoscope Weekly


“The spirit of patriotism is alive and well in Rolla, MO, at least on Patriot’s Day at Lion’s Club park, thanks to and sponsored by Landmark Baptist Church. We would encourage everyone to attend to experience the education provided by the great guest speakers, wonderfully inspiring music and video presentations, delicious food and the fireworks as the finale. It really lift’s your spirits and renews one’s faith in our country, plus being surrounded by like minded people who believe in God and country. We have attended several and look forward to it every year.”

Ron & Linda Turner, Local Business Owners


“The Patriot Day Rally hosted by the Landmark Baptist Church is one of the highlights in our community that is patriotic, family friendly and God honoring. It is always professionally planned with live music, historic role plays, inspirational speakers and an all American Picnic. The people come from miles and it is now a tradition in our city like the Lions Club Carnival. It is fun, educational with Children’s activities, veterans honored and fireworks at the end. Everyone goes away feeling good about our country, our freedoms, our community and most of all for God who has blessed us so richly.”

Sue Stoltz, Mid-Missouri Manager, Bott Radio Network




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